Review: NYX Illuminator in 01 Narcissistic

Having oily skin means I’ve spent many many years trying to get my face as matte as possible and this definitely meant avoiding highlighter at all costs, but as I’m getting older I want to embrace the light a little more. Matte can be so flat and the perfect way to get a bit of glow is with this powder Illuminator from NYX in Narcissistic.



I’ll be honest, I bought this purely for the name. I think you have to be somewhat narcissistic to post as many pictures of yourself on the internet as I do and it’s somewhat of a joke amongst my friends that Rhi always has a mirror somewhere about her person, so this seemed fitting.



And going along perfectly with my well known narcissism this comes with an enormous mirror in the lid which I FREAKING LOVE! The mirror alone makes it a handbag staple but it’s the colour and the effect that really makes this worth every single penny.


nyx narcissist .jpg

This stunning powder gives a super subtle slightly pinkish golden shimmer which is perfect at picking up the light and lifting your face without making you look glittery, greasy or garish. I love that it’s not too in your face as you can apply it in layers to get the desired effect without worrying about accidentally going overboard.

Because of it’s subtlety this is perfect for daytime wear as well as in the evening and I now use this most days, dusted lightly on the high point of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and under my eyebrows.

2 Thoughts on “Review: NYX Illuminator in 01 Narcissistic

  1. Looks very subtle and delicate – like you said – perfect for daytime look! :) I love the perfume bottle in the mirror photo. :)

  2. When I was younger my skin was very oily so like you I spent most of my time trying to keep it as matte as possible. My skin is now dry and dewy foundations just don’t suit me (maybe because they remind me of my oily days) but I’ve recently started trying out illuminating products and I’m now embracing a matte base with a little illumination x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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