Review: Benefit’s Primping With The Stars

I bought the Benefit Primping With The Stars kit on a recent Ryanair flight to Turin, Italy as I was out of primer and in desperate need, am in love with the POREfessional and it was a freaking steal at just €21.



Kit includes:

  • they’re real! beyond mascara 3.0g
  • stay don’t stray light/medium stay-put primer for concealers & eyeshadows 2.5ml
  • benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain 4.0ml
  • some kind-a gorgeous medium the foundation fake for medium complexions 2.5ml
  • girl meets pearl liquid pearl for face 7.5ml
  • the POREfessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores 7.5ml


Firstly- the box itself is adorable. The print is super pretty, its nice and sturdy, everything fits in all organised like and it has this HUGE SEXY MIRROR. I love me a mirror so anything that comes with one has an automatic plus point. I use most of these items in my day to day makeup so I can pretty much grab the box and my brushes and I’ve got everything I need.

DSCN0183 DSCN0185

they’re real! beyond mascara 3.0g

I’ve tried the They’re Real mascara before and I have a love/hate relationship with it. When I first bought it, I loved it. My lashes were huge and the brush was amazing. After a few weeks though I started to feel it was a little dry and perhaps not really worth the price. But since getting this kit I’ve literally used it every single day and am dreading the day the teeny tiny bottle runs out! I usually find minature mascaras to be a bit shitty and not a great representation of the full size product. Usually the brush is too big for the little wand so it’s impossible to use and the formulas are almost always totally dry but this one is a little gem. It has the proper brush with the wee spikey ball on the end, but it works fine with the tiny wand and the formula is nice and wet but not so gooey that it’s gonna smudge everywhere.

stay don’t stray light/medium stay-put primer 2.5ml

I have super oily skin but I don’t really suffer with oil on my eyelids so I’ve never really needed to invest much in an eye primer. This is nice, a good size and it’s a fleshy tone which blends away to nothing. I can’t really say if it works purely because my eye makeup never goes anywhere anyway but I can say that this certainly doesn’t make it any worse! I have really veiny eyelids so my only comment would be that it’d be good if this was actually a little pigmented and hid those things. I find if I use concealer on my lids it just cakes up, but this doesn’t have any coverage to it so I just personally don’t have much use for it but it’s a nice little extra in the kit and I will certainly use it for nights out.


some kind-a gorgeous foundation fake 2.5ml

This is a weird little product but I actually kinda like it. I’m a full coverage girl all the way, even when my skin is good. I don’t know why, it’s just what I like. And this is by no means full coverage. It’s a liquid product but dries to a powder finish. It’s super low coverage but it looks really nice. If you’re having a bad skin day, this is not for you. But if it’s not looking too bad, or you’re just popping out to the shops and want a bit of something but can’t be assed with a full face, this is perfect. It covers the lesser sins like faded spot scars and little red marks and mattes the skin and evens it out a little. I find it’s perfect for a late night coffee run if I’ve already taken off the days makeup. I cannot go out without makeup on and this just gives me the boost I need and I can just swish it on in a matter of seconds.

DSCN0192 DSCN0193

benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain 4.0m

This is something I’ve heard about 100 times before on blogs but it’s never really caught my interest. I’m an oily girl so for the most part I stick to powder makeup, my foray into cream blushers is yet to provide any conclusive results so I was not particularly bothered about this- BUT I LOVE IT. It’s not like a cream product at all- it really is just a tint. Once you apply it, rather than sitting on the skin it kind of…becomes your skin? It leaves a really pretty and really subtle rosy hue on the cheeks but its neither matte nor glowing, it just stains the skin in the loveliest way.



girl meets pearl liquid pearl for face 7.5ml

Another one that surprised me- I’m a fairly new convert to highlighting products and even when I do dip my toes in I tend to go for powder offerings but this is super super pretty. It’s incredibly subtle and it’s not at all glittery, it really is more pearly than anything. I use such a tiny amount to add a little light to my cheek bones that this is the perfect size and will last me absolutely ages! It manages to be neither golden, nor pink, nor flesh toned, nor silver. Just glowy and gorgeous.



the POREfessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores 7.5ml

Of course, the star of the show. Without a doubt the best primer I’ve ever used. However this tiny 7.5ml bottle is going to last no time at all, so if you don’t think you’ll get use out of the other products, this kit is not for you. You may as well pay the full price and get the full sized primer however luckily for me I’ve loved almost every item in the kit which makes this a real bargain. It’s also confirmed my off the richter love for this primer so where I have hesitated paying full price before, I definitely wont next time I’m in the UK.

4 Thoughts on “Review: Benefit’s Primping With The Stars

  1. I’ve found that I also have love-hate relationship with They’re Real. I used to hate it with a passion but recently trying it from my friend’s kit when I didn’t have mine I’ve found out that if properly used it can bring out my lashes even longer. I also have a mini-size sample but I like it so far and I don’t think I’ll invest it the full-size in the future since I have too many mascaras already. ;)

  2. Anonymous on January 6, 2014 at 10:23 pm said:

    Hi Becky, I nominated you for a Liebster award :) follow the link to see what your questions are and my responses!

  3. Anonymous on January 6, 2014 at 10:25 pm said:

    Hi, I nominated you for a Liebster award :) follow the link to see what your questions are and my responses!

  4. i love all those kits

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