Review: The Body Shop Mango Body Whip

I did not need a new body moisturiser when I bought The Body Shop Mango Body Whip. I had about 4 pretty much full ones already, ones I loved and used on a rotating basis. But I was in Sweden sharing a tiny hotel room with a colleague and one evening smelt the most incredible scent coming from the bathroom and I had to know what it was. I was pretty restrained, that was about 3 months ago! I kept thinking to myself, I’ll buy it when one of mine runs out. Well, it took too long and with all 4 of mine pretty much still full I went ahead and treated myself anyway.


The Body Shop Mango Body Whip smells just incredible. Better than I could ever describe. The scent is reminiscent of the Pink Grapefruit one that The Body Shop do but a little less sharp and a little more fruity and juicy. The mango fragrance hangs around nicely on the skin; it wont interfere with your perfume but if you happen to be close to your skin during the day you will catch a whiff and it’s delicious.

This Body Whip is nowhere near as thick as The Body Shop Body Butters so if you’re looking for something a little less heavy this is perfect. It is, however, a little creamier than the Body Lotions. It’s somewhere in-between the two and, in my opinion, is the perfect medium. Forgive me for using the most overused adage in the beauty blogging world but… a little really does go a long way!


The Body Shop Mango Body Whip pump action bottle is perfect, it means it’s not messy and you can control exactly how much you want to expel. The formula is the perfect consistency and incredibly moisturising. I use this after every bath/shower and it keeps me soft all day. I apply a second application in the evenings but not because I need to, just because I like to smell incredible for bed!

The Body Shop continue to just hit it out of the park for me. They kindly remain affordable even in Malta (most companies whack a HUGE profit margin on GBP prices when converting to EUR), they keep us up to date with new releases, they have really good and really frequent sales and I LOVE that they do full ranges so if a scent takes your fancy you can really layer up with a shower gel/bubble bath, the scrub, followed by a body lotion and sealed with the body mist or perfume.

I honestly cannot rave about The Body Shop Mango Body Whip product enough. The packaging is clean and easy to use, the whip is creamy and not too thick or too runny, it has a strong scent which clings to the skin without being too much, the fragrance is FREAKING DELISH and at €9.50 for 250ml it’s not cheap as chips but it’s not going to break the bank either. A perfect treat for yourself which is, really, also an essential or this would make a divine gift for a friend for their birthday or ‘just because’.


3 Thoughts on “Review: The Body Shop Mango Body Whip

  1. I actually got a mini version of this from The Body Shop Advent Calendar but didn’t really like the scent – sorry! Fragrance is such personal thing :) I am also reluctant to give it a try because I’ve bought one of the body whips few years ago and it was awful – very sticky, left me in such sticky residue I had to take shower again because my clothes literally glued to my skin! They must have changed the formula since you’re raving so much about it and I trust your opinion. :) X

    • othersideofcool on January 8, 2014 at 2:00 pm said:

      Its true fragrance is so personal, my boyfriend really isn’t a fan of this scent but I can’t get enough of it! I definitely don’t find it sticky so sounds like they have reformulated- or my skin is just mega dry and sucks it alllll up! xx

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